Setting up an Organization for your Developer

This article is intended for site owners or groups that use Craft and want to pay for and hold software licenses required by their web properties. For a deeper dive into the features of organizations, see Using Organizations in Craft Console.

In most cases, public-facing Craft sites require a valid license.

We recommend that you—the client or site owner—pay for and hold those licenses so that you always have complete, current, and accurate information about them.

Organizations are our way of simplifying the license management process for clients and developers.

Setting up an Organization #

Let’s get you started with Craft Console.

Create an Account #

Head over to, and enter a username, email, and password. An activation link will be sent to the provided address, which must be clicked within 24 hours.

Use an email address that is actively monitored and accessible to at least one other person in your business or institution. This ensures that important communication about your licenses is not missed or lost after roles or personnel change.

This is a good practice to adopt for all the web services you use, like domain registrars and hosting.

Craft Console: Create Account

Creating a Craft Console account.

Create an Organization #

In the sidebar, click Organizations, then New organization.

Craft Console: Empty Organizations List

The Organizations screen of a new Craft Console account.

Craft Console: New Organization

Creating a new Organization.

You don't need to provide a URL, logo, or color, but they can be helpful if someone you invite is a member of many other organizations.

Upon creation, you will be switched into your new organization’s context. The current context is always displayed in the upper-left corner:

Craft Console: Context Switcher

Switch between your personal accounts and organizations you own (or are a member of) with the context menu.

Inviting your First Member #

When you create an organization, you become its first Owner. To add members to it, click Members in the sidebar, then Invite members in the upper-right corner.

Craft Console: Invite Member

Inviting a new member to an organization.

Enter the email of the person you want to invite, and select Member or Admin.

Pending invitations are shown in the Members screen. Once an invite is accepted, you will be able to change their role or remove them from the organization.

We recommend reserving the Admin role for people within your legal entity; contractors and other third-party vendors will usually have all the capabilities they need as regular Members. As the creator of this organization, you have the special Owner role, which grants you the ability to manage payment methods and add and remove other owners—so be extremely careful who you invite with this role!

The invitation window contains a comprehensive list of permissions for both roles. If you or your colleagues maintain multiple Craft properties, consider adding the point-persons for each as an Admin so that they can invite the respective development team.

Billing Information #

In order to purchase licenses (or approve orders from organization members), you must add a payment method to your organization. Visit the Billing screen of your organization, then click Add a payment method:

Craft Console: Organization Billing Info

Billing settings for an organization.

The second setting in the Billing screen (labeled Require order approval) governs whether members of your organization with the Member role must request approval from the organization’s owner when purchasing licenses.

Approving Orders #

With the Require order approval setting on, organization members may build a cart of Craft and plugin licenses and submit it for approval.

Organizations owners are the only members allowed to approve orders.

Craft Console: Organization Order Pending Approval

Members of your organization can submit purchase requests for Craft and plugin licenses.

Any time you work with an outside vendor to update or extend your website, let them know that you have a Craft Console organization. If their work involves installing new plugins or updating Craft to a more recent version than your current license allows, they will be able to submit an order for approval.

Finishing Up #

Filling out some additional info in your personal account’s Profile section will help identify you when inviting members to your organization, or when requesting official support.

If you ever have questions about Craft Console, licensing, or how to use organizations, please contact us.