What is Craft Console?

Console Organization Members

Craft Console is our centralized license management platform. It also powers the Craft Plugin Store, and provides flexible tools for organizing and delegating access to your collaborators.

Accounts are free, and it only takes a moment to register.

Craft Console replaced Craft ID in December 2022. Any references you may find to Craft ID (in past official communication, documentation, or other community resources) refer to features that have been rolled into the new platform.

Accounts + Organizations #

Your Craft Console account represents you as an individual—but everyone can create organizations and invite the rest of their team. This is a great way for clients to share licenses and grant purchasing power to developers.

License Management #

Craft and plugin licenses can be purchased as an individual or through an organization. Those licenses are automatically tied to that account context—but you can always transfer them later, when a project changes hands or your team grows.

Legacy licenses (Craft 2 and earlier) will automatically be associated with your account upon registration!

Developer Tools #

Craft Console is also where you’ll manage individual developer support plans and your organization’s Craft Partner network profile—as well as any plugins you’ve submitted to the Plugin Store.