New Craft Hosting Partner: Hyperlane

Hyper Lane Post

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Hyperlane, a Belgium-based hosting provider for modern agencies. With Hyperlane’s services, agencies can easily deploy and sync their development, staging, and production environments as well as instantly install Craft.

We’re particularly excited to have Hyperlane as a Craft hosting partner because:

  • Hyperlane supports a modern workflow through their web-based dashboard. Now you can manage development, staging, and production environments in a single place. Hyperlane makes deployments easier and more secure. Users can clone their code and content between the various environments, providing an effective workflow for testing new site updates with the latest content from production. With self-managed backups, rest assured you can quickly restore, should something go wrong.
  • Hyperlane handles version control through GitLab and sets up everything for you automatically, including the ability to easily add additional team members.
  • Hyperlane has built-in SSL management (powered by Let’s Encrypt) and CLI support for a variety of tasks.
  • Hyperlane’s team knows Craft inside and out. Their documentation is thorough and easy to read. And because they’re a Partner they can escalate tickets directly with our team.
  • Hyperlane’s plans are affordable and support dynamic scaling based on performance and cost. And if you need custom server builds or volume licensing options, they are happy to work with you.

Hyperlane is free to try and you can find more information at hyperlane.co. We encourage you to check them out!

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