Craft 2.7 Released with PHP 7.2 Compatibility

Craft Php

We just released Craft 2.7.0 with just one feature, but it’s a big one: PHP 7.2 compatibility.

This was possible thanks to Yii 1.1.20, released earlier this month, which added PHP 7.2 compatibility.

We’ve also started bundling the mcrypt_compat library, which provides a shim for servers that don’t have Mcrypt installed. (Mcrypt was deprecated in PHP 7.1 and removed in PHP 7.2, however Yii 1 is heavily dependent on it.)

Craft 2.7 also brings a few minor improvements and bug fixes. You can read the full release notes in the Changelog.

We will continue maintaining and supporting Craft 2 through March 31, 2019, and release security fixes through March 31, 2020. See our support article for more info on Craft 2 end-of-life plans.

Update: See Craft 2 and Commerce 1 End-of-Life Dates for updated EOL dates.

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