Dot All 2023: Recap and Videos

Dot All 2023

Earlier this month we hosted the 6th annual Dot All conference. It was our biggest conference yet, featuring an all-day Craft 5 workshop, an accessibility workshop, 17 sessions, lightning talks, and a Q&A panel with Leah, Brad, and Brandon.

The event was held at MACBA’s Convent dels Àngels, a beautiful sixteenth-century Gothic church in the heart of Barcelona. Livestream tickets were also available for those who wished to join us virtually.

Dot All 2023 - Luke

Luke working with attendees at the Craft 5 workshop.

Craft 5 and Commerce 5 are coming.

The biggest news of the conference was the introduction of Craft 5. Attendees had the opportunity to learn all about what’s coming and get early access, at the all-day, hands-on workshop.

Craft 5 is focused on content modeling and authoring experience improvements, with several long-awaited features:

  • Element cards. Elements can now be displayed in the control panel as cards, with customizable content previews.
  • Field instances. It’s now possible to include the same custom field multiple times within a field layout.
  • Address fields. Addresses can now be added to any element via the new Addresses custom field type.
  • All-new Matrix fields. Matrix fields now manage nested entries, can be displayed as an embedded element index, and can be nested.
  • Inline editing. Element table views now support inline editing, making it easy to make quick changes to several elements at once.
  • SSO, 2FA, and passkeys. User authentication is getting a major upgrade, with single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and passkey support.

Commerce 5 is also in the works, which will bring long-awaited multi-store (and multi-currency) support, as well as catalog pricing.

We also announced that our CKEditor plugin will be getting a major update alongside Craft 5, which will add the ability to create nested entries within the rich text content, drastically improving the long-form content authoring experience.

Dot all 2023 brandon

Brandon working with an attendee at the Craft 5 workshop.

Craft Cloud is here!

Five years in the making, we were thrilled to announce that Craft Cloud, our first-party hosting solution for Craft CMS sites, is finally here!

We designed Craft Cloud to be the optimal hosting solution for the vast majority of Craft CMS sites, featuring an automated build pipeline, on-demand image transforms, static caching, an enterprise-grade firewall, and so much more.

Its serverless architecture and global CDN were chosen with sustainability in mind, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum. We’re committed to iterating and releasing progress reports as we find ways to improve as time goes on.

We’re kicking off with an invite-only phase as we scale the infrastructure and our support team. You can sign up to be included from craftcms.com/cloud.

Dot all 2023 randy

Randy Fay presenting about developing with Craft CMS and DDEV.

The event was unanimously a big success. We’re incredibly grateful to our sponsors who helped make it possible: Happy Cog, Arcustech, Tempest, Verbb, CraftQuest, and nystudio107. And of course, thanks to the over 200 attendees for coming and sharing your excitement for Craft CMS and the Web.

Videos of each of the sessions are available now from craftcms.com/events and on Vimeo, including Brandon’s State of Craft keynote. There’s a ton of great content in there, so be sure to soak it in.

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