Craft Commerce 5 and New Stripe Plugin Released

Craft Commerce and Stripe

We’re excited to announce that Craft Commerce 5 has been released!

Commerce 5 delivers on several highly-anticipated features, making Commerce an even better choice for large-scale, custom ecommerce experiences.

Multi-store. It’s now possible to manage up to five unique stores within a single Craft Commerce installation. Each store can optionally have its own base currency, and products can be enabled, priced, and discounted per store.

Inventory locations. Your products’ stock can now be tracked and managed across up to five inventory locations.

Commerce 5 inventory

Catalog pricing. Purchasable pricing can now be pregenerated with custom pricing rules, improving scalability and pricing flexibility for high-volume stores.

Product revisions. Products now support drafts, autosaving, and versioning.

Variant indexes. Product variants are now displayed within an embedded variant index within product pages.

Commerce 5 variants

We’ve updated Commerce’s feature page with some of the update’s highlights. The full release notes can be viewed on GitHub.


We’ve also just launched a new, standalone Stripe plugin.

The plugin syncs your products, subscriptions, customers, invoices, and payment methods from Stripe into Craft, making them available to be related to your content, and displayed on your site. Plus, products and subscriptions can be extended with custom fields.

The plugin is completely free, and supports migrating subscriptions from Craft Commerce.

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