Integrating Disqus

You can add commenting to your site’s entry pages using Disqus.

To do that, first create an account with Disqus, then go to AdminEdit SettingsInstallation, and click the I don't see my platform listed, install manually with Universal Code link at the bottom of the page.

Copy the code block on that page, and paste it into your entry’s template, where you want Disqus comments to appear.

Then find this code, and remove the /* and */ comment delimiters from the beginning and end:

var disqus_config = function () { = PAGE_URL;  // Replace PAGE_URL with your page's canonical URL variable = PAGE_IDENTIFIER; // Replace PAGE_IDENTIFIER with your page's unique identifier variable

Finally, replace the PAGE_URL and PAGE_IDENTIFIER placeholders with your entry’s canonical URL and a unique identifier for the entry.

var disqus_config = function () { = '{{ entry.url }}'; = '{{ entry.uid }}';

That’s it! Your site should now be accepting and displaying comments.

nystudio107’s Disqus plugin could be used to simplify the integration.

Verbb’s Comments plugin provides a native commenting solution, if you’d prefer to not rely on a third party service.

Applies to Craft CMS 3.