Evermade for Poki

Taking the Fun of Gaming to a Company Website

Poki is the largest online game platform on the web. Every month over 30 million players play a web game on Poki. Poki is located in Amsterdam, and every day a team of 30 people work on making Poki even better.

What was the goal of this project?

To create an interactive, visually stunning, and smoothly animated new website that transfers the playfulness of the Poki experience to the company website. The company website needs to speak to and engage game developers, potential recruits and partners.

Why Craft?

Craft allowed the agency and developers to step back after the frontend and backend development was done, and hand over the contents of the company website to our marketing team. Without technical skills, they are not only able to make textual changes with ease, but by applying custom Channels, specific parts can be updated, added and removed.

For example, Poki rotates a number of statistics about our growth. We can not only easily update the values, but also the displayed metrics and the accompanying visuals we want to show.

This allows us to not end up with a static website, but keep it fresh and up-to-date.

Craft is an amazing flexible CMS, that integrates beautifully into our designs. Craft brings content and design together.

Did you use any integrations or plugins on your project?

The homepage is image heavy, but we didn’t want to rely on our own hosting. With the Amazon S3 plugin, all media is served from the cloud and on the edge through the CDN.

What is your team most proud of when it comes to this product?

We brought Poki’s main brand element – a simple blue ball – to life on the website and gave it a personality. We used complex Bezier animations to make the ball interact with other page elements as the user scrolls the content.

The webpage is essentially a collection of delightful details and interactions, including 8-bit sparkle animations that add a nice retro touch, and a playable game in the footer. All this was built to convey Poki’s vivid and playful brand in a fun and engaging way.

The Poki company website has since won two awards:

  • A Red Dot-award in 2018
  • A Webby Award i 2019
  • Poki
  • Evermade
  • Art and Entertainment