Dot All 2023

Reactive Front-ends with Sprig

Sprig allows you and your team to build highly interactive sites using only the Twig you already know (no JavaScript required!). Learn the ins and outs of Sprig from its creator so you can understand first-hand how components are parsed, sent over-the-wire and re-rendered. From here you’ll be able to create complex components that react to user interaction and update various parts of the page using maintainable and performant code.

What you’ll learn:

  • Real-world use-cases for Sprig.
  • The lifecycle of a Sprig request.
  • Where htmx ends and Sprig begins.
  • Nesting Sprig components.
  • Running controller actions via Sprig components.
  • Leveraging Sprig in the control panel.
  • Using component PHP classes for handling complex logic.
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Dot All 2023
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