Dot All 2023

Demystifying Personalization

Over the past five years, we’ve seen an increased demand for personalization in marketing, with stats such as 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions” (McKinsey and Company). Stats like these leave many businesses feeling as if they’re lagging behind if they don’t include personalization on their website. Many clients come to us looking for a piece of this magic” marketing approach, but they often lack a clear vision of how to implement it (or even why they really want it).

In this talk, I will demystify the concept of personalization” for those who might view it as just another buzzword. I will provide guidance on how to determine if personalization is the right fit and share tips on how to customize web experiences for the end user effectively. We will also discuss when personalization may not be the best approach, incorporating relevant user research findings. Finally, I will showcase a few real-world examples of simple, yet impactful personalization and customization techniques implemented in Craft CMS.

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Dot All 2023
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