Dot All 2022

Launching a Headless Craft Commerce Site Workshop

Going headless on Craft Commerce on your own is not for the faint of heart. In this workshop the team at Foster Commerce will share with you what we’ve learned and, more concretely, what we’ve built as a boilerplate for our headless Craft Commerce sites. Hint: It uses Craft Commerce 4 and Nuxt 2 (because Nuxt 3 isn’t quite ready). 

Before the workshop, we’ll give you our codebase and during the workshop, we’ll explain it to you while helping you deploy it via Vercel. This workshop is ideal for Craft developers who are eager to try their hand at VueJS-based headless Commerce site. 

We will not be reviewing how Craft or Commerce works or how Vue works, so any experience you bring will only help you, though not necessary. Join us and we’ll help you go headless before dinner.

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Dot All 2022
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