Sell Digital Products with Craft Commerce

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Today we released Digital Products, a new plugin that makes it possible to sell licenses for digital goods with Craft Commerce. You can use it to sell software, ebooks, special site access, and just about anything you can think of that doesn’t require a physical shipment.

Digital Products

There are two main components to this plugin: digital products and licenses. Digital products are similar to Commerce’s core products, except that they don’t have variants, stock, dimensions, or weight—all the things that are only relevant to physical goods. When someone purchases a digital product, a license is created that represents their “ownership” of the digital product. Licenses can be created independently of orders, too, so if you want to gift someone a license, you can do that without faking an order in Commerce.

Digital Products is a free, MIT-licensed plugin, available now on GitHub. We hope you like it!

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