Craft 3.3 Released with GraphQL and Headless Mode

Craft 3.3

Craft 3.3 is here, with some exciting new features for API and front-end development!

GraphQL. Craft Pro now provides a built-in GraphQL API for your content. You can define which content should be available publicly, plus additional schemas that require private tokens to access.

Headless Mode. If you’re using Craft as a headless CMS to provide content for a single-page app or static site generator like Gatsby, check out the new headlessMode config setting. It optimizes the Control Panel for headless implementations by removing various URL and template settings that have no purpose when Craft is completely decoupled from the front-end.


Explore the GraphQL API using the built-in GraphiQL IDE.

URL-less Singles. It’s now possible to create Single sections that don’t have URLs assigned to them.

Stack Traces on Production. Admin users can now opt to see the full stack trace view when exceptions occur on production, without enabling Dev Mode.

Better Twig Profiling. Craft now profiles individual template block and macro renders, in addition to full templates, so you can get a better sense of where those performance bottlenecks are.

Templating Improvements. There are new tag(), input(), and hiddenInput() HTML generation functions, plus |attr, |append, and |prepend filters for manipulating existing HTML tags within your templates.

The full release notes are available in the changelog.

If you’re interested in learning more about building modern websites with Craft acting as a headless CMS, don’t miss our Dot All conference in Montréal! It’s happening in less than a month, and there’s going to be a ton of great content including an all-day workshop on Craft, Vue, and GraphQL, plus talks about modern web development from Chris Coyier, Andrew Welch, Francesca Buratti, Brian Hanson, the Edenspiekermann dev team, and more.

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