Commerce 4

Commerce 4 beta

Commerce 4 has hit the shelves!

For this release, we focused on tightening Commerce’s integration with Craft CMS, with several new features being implemented at the CMS level, so other plugins can take advantage of them.

Here’s a few of the highlights:

  • Native Craft users and addresses. Commerce now takes advantage of Craft 4’s new inactive user accounts and user address support, for managing customer info.
  • Condition builders. Discounts, shipping zones, and tax zones now have condition builders, enabling much more flexible matching based on the order, user, or address.
  • Bulk coupon code generation. It’s now possible to generate coupon codes in bulk, based on custom formats such as CRAFT4-####.
  • Commerce debug panel. Craft’s Debug Toolbar now includes a “Commerce” panel, which outputs info about the objects that were updated in the request.
  • Improved guest cart retention. Guest carts are now stored in a browser cookie, so they’ll be remembered even if the customer restarts their browser.
Discount conditions in Craft Commerce 4

The full release notes are available in the changelog.

Our Spoke & Chain demo site is updated with Craft 4 and Commerce 4, so you can take them for a spin.

If you’re ready to upgrade your site, check out the Commerce 4 upgrade guide for step-by-step instructions.

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