Commerce 3.2 Released

Commerce 3.2

Craft Commerce 3.2 has been released, with a few improvements for store managers:

  • Multiple PDF templates – It’s now possible to create multiple PDF templates. Each email gets to choose which PDF should be attached, if any.
  • Download PDF action – The Orders index page now has a “Download PDF” action, which can be used to download one or more orders’ PDFs in one stroke.
  • Support for new field layout features – Order, product, and variant field layouts now support the new field layout features added in Craft 3.5.
  • Email previewing – You can now preview your emails right from the Emails index page.
  • GraphQL API improvements – Several new query params and fields have been added to the GraphQL API.
  • New example templates – The example templates have been redesigned with Tailwind and vanilla JavaScript to make them clearer and more portable.

The full release notes are available in the changelog.

Commerce 3.2 requires Craft 3.5, and we highly recommended that you update Commerce at the same time as Craft, as the release includes a compatibility fix.

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