CKEditor: Revamped

Craft CMS + CKEditor

Craft’s CKEditor plugin just got a major update!

The plugin now comes bundled with CKEditor 5, extended for better integration with Craft CMS.

  • Link buttons include a menu for creating links to entries, categories, and assets.
  • Insert Image buttons open an asset selector modal, with the ability to select a transform, or leave it up to the field’s Default Transform setting.

The update introduces reusable configuration for CKEditor fields via CKEditor Configs, featuring drag-and-drop toolbar customization and fields for extra CKEditor config options and custom CSS styles.

CKEditor configs can be managed globally from SettingsCKEditor, and you can also create new configs right from your CKEditor fields’ settings.

CKEditor field settings

Getting Started

The CKEditor plugin is available for free on the Craft Plugin Store, or can be installed with Composer using the commands:

> composer require craftcms/ckeditor -w
> php craft plugin/install ckeditor

Once installed, you can create new CKEditor fields from SettingsFields, or convert existing Redactor fields to it by changing their Field Type settings to CKEditor.

If you’re already running an older version of the CKEditor plugin, your existing CKEditor fields and content will remain in-tact after the update, however you’ll need to reconfigure your fields with a new CKEditor Config.

We’re really excited to bring the power and stability of CKEditor 5 to Craft! This update elevates Craft’s authoring experience, while also laying the groundwork for things to come in Craft 5.

A Note about CKEditor 4

CKEditor 4 will be reaching end of life in June, so we’ve made the decision to drop support for it as well.

We know there are some customers who rely on CKEditor 4 for its documented accessibility support. We’ve begun our own audit of CKEditor 5 accessibility, and we’ll be providing documentation on working with its accessibility features in the coming months.

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