500 Plugins!


The Craft Plugin Store hit a major milestone in February: it now features over 500 plugins!

40 plugins were added in February alone, making that the biggest month for new plugin submissions since the store’s launch in April.

Here’s a few of our favorites from the month:

  • Webperf by nystudio107 ($59) – Build & maintain high quality websites through Real User Measurement of your website's performance.
  • Snipcart by Working Concept ($179) – Quickly turn a Craft CMS website into a flexible, fully-functioning store with minimal development time by integrating with Snipcart.
  • Kint by Mildly Geeky (Free) – Adds Kint, a powerful debugging tool, to Craft for use in Twig and PHP code.
  • Grid by Will Browar ($49) – Create complex grids using Matrix fields.
  • Link by Flipbox Digital ($20) – Link to a wide variety of things from your content.
  • FFFields by Angell & Co ($59) – Generates beautiful Vue-powered front-end fields that integrate with your Craft field types.
  • Motivational Kanye by Nathaniel Hammond (Free) – Possibly the most important Dashboard widget of this generation.

It was a great month for new Craft Commerce plugins too:

We’re also pleased to report that we’ve paid out over $330,000 to plugin developers since launching the Plugin Store, with January and February both coming in at over $42,000.

Craft Plugin Store sales through February 2019

We’re thrilled to see that the Craft Plugin Store has become a vital part of the Craft ecosystem, and we’re looking forward to its future growth.

To stay in the loop on new plugins, you can follow @newcraftplugins on Twitter, or keep an eye on the #new-plugins channel in the Craft Discord server.

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